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Our mission is to inspire, connect and economically empower our members  through education, networking, investment  opportunities and cultural awareness.


Have a skill to share? Interested in teaching or mentoring a disadvantaged member of the local or international community?
Interested in community service? Join us in the pursuit of empowering and uplifting members of our community.
Books, shoes, clothes, computer & medical equipment or any other donations are welcome along with any monetary gift of any value. These donations go a long way in uplifting individuals and families (your donations are tax deductible).
Give hope and make a lasting impact on someone's life.Can you adopt an orphan or sponsor a child or make a positive impact on a community?Do you want to make an impact through a medical mission trip? (tax deductible expenses).

Featured Program

Benevolence Fund

Members are encouraged to sign up for the Benevolence Fund in any of the participating chapters as it is a good community fund to utilize in case of any family bereavement or medical emergencies.

A National Benevolence Fund geared towards serving nationally registered members and those whose home chapters may not have an established fund, has now been established. It was launched in Minneapolis, MN on June 23rd, 2017. All members, whether registered as members or not in other benevolence funds, are also encouraged to register as members in the Gotabgaa Family Foundation benevolence fund so as to harness the power of numbers to their mutual benefit.



Adopt an International Student

Youth Innovation Summit

Annual Cultural Fete


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