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(Chapter Based)

Members are encouraged to sign up for the Benevolence Fund in any of the participating chapters as it is a good community fund to utilize in case of any family bereavement or medical emergencies.The Benevolence Funds are independent of each other and have variations in their stipulations and benefits. A National Benevolence Fund geared towards serving nationally registered members and those whose home chapters may not have an established fund, has now been established. All members, whether registered as members or not in other benevolence funds, are also encouraged to register as members in the Gotabgaa Family Foundation benevolence fund so as to harness the power of numbers to their mutual benefit..

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 This is a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society. It was formed as a means of mobilizing savings and providing affordable credit to our members.

  • Encouraging and promoting to develop thrift culture within the members as well as the community by teaching wise use of their money and efficient management of their limited resources.
  • Teaching people how to create an asset that helps them to have a guarantee and collateral for future loan access.
  • Making finance more accessible for members when they need it.
  • Developing a linkage between the rural people and urban banks in order to have broader financial flows into the community and a safe haven for rural peoples’ savings.

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(Rotates Between Chapters)

Gotabgaa International holds an annual cultural event over the summer with participants coming from all over the world. The cultural fete focuses on the learning and appreciation of the Kalenjin culture through games, songs, dances, storytelling, oral presentations and discussions, cultural dishes & more. The event comes to a close on a Saturday night with the declaration of a new Miss Kalenjin!


A Summer Event

Gotabgaa International encourages it's members to lead their children and youth on a path to discovery or enhancement of technology skills. This is best achieved by nurturing and providing a conducive environment for them to learn and develop new skills. Towards this end, Gotabgaa International collaborates with a sister charity organization, Pursuit of Innovation (PI 515), that teaches the youth basic computer coding with an emphasis on tackling world problems as well as get them prepared for higher education and careers.

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Adopt/Mentor an International Student

(As an individual or a local community)

A majority of international students who come to the U.S. to study face challenges which typically include adapting to a new culture and financial sustenance. Mentoring such students can help ease the transition and working with a local university to allow you to host an international student throughout the year (over the holidays, monthly family dinner etc) as well as providing advice on career choices and work options would be significantly beneficial to these students.

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