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Thank You for your interest in Gotabgaa Membership. The annual membership fee is $20.00 for New registrations and for those who haven't paid their chapter dues for this year. If you are a paid up member of one of our chapters, your chapter will forward the membership fees and you do Not need to pay any amount at this time. 


Please fill out the Gotabgaa International Membership registration form


Gotabgaa International Annual Membership

Membership Fee $20.00
**If using PayPal, please note that there is a PayPal Processing Fee of 2.9% in addition to the registration fee of $20.00.

The most preferred method of payment is by using paypal as your information will be forwarded automatically to Gotabgaa International for immediate Membership Certificate processing.

 Additionally, it will be possible for you to send your funds via the mobile app $quare Cash (account name : $Gotabgaa) or deposit your funds into our account at any Wells Fargo Bank (The name of our account is "Gotabgaa International Organization Inc.") but it is solely your responsibilty to forward a copy of your receipt to the Gotabgaa International Treasurer for proper identification and crediting as well as acknowledgement and processing of your membership certificate. 

If having any further questions, please Contact Us.

National Benevolence Fund

We encourage all our members to sign up for the National Benevolence Fund as it is a good community fund to utilize in case of any family bereavement.The Chapter based Benevolence Funds are independent of each other and have variations in their stipulations and benefits. The Gotabgaa Family Foundation Fund is a Benevolence Fund that was created to serve nationally registered members and those whose home chapters may not have an established fund. Members who have active chapters with ongoing Benevolence Fund programs are also encouraged to sign up for the National Benevolence Fund. It is through the power of numbers that we are able to lighten the load for each other. 

To submit your electronic registration, please use Benevolence Fund Registration Form  

To submit your Benevolence Fund fees, please visit Benevolence Fund Payments

If you have any questions or need additional information, please reach out to us using Contact Us.