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Gotabgaa (meaning "our homeland family") began in 1993 as an email list of Kenyans in the Diaspora who, driven by the need to connect with each other, sought to utilize the internet as a means for creating forums for discussing and sharing on issues affecting them and their beloved country. In 2003, the first annual conference was held in Greensboro NC, prompted by the participants desire to meet in person. This conference was attended by 73 Kenyans. From then to date, the Gotabgaa Conference has been successfully held each year.

Annual Conference

The conference is held annually in the summer time usually in the months of June and July. The specific date is determined by the hosting Gotabgaa Chapter. The conference usually runs from Thursday and ends on Sunday afternoon.


Attendance is open to all. Attendees travel from Kenya and across the Diaspora. Guests in past meetings have included Kenyan Government Ministers and Officials, Members of the Diplomatic Corps and various Kenyan and other artists.

Content & Form

The content (& theme) and form of each conference is determined by the hosting Chapter, but has to be in line with the overall Mission and objectives of the Organization. The sessions are an interplay and an interweave of presentations from: guest speakers; discussions on selected topics inclusive of investments, counseling and mentoring; cultural activities such as music and comedy from Kenyan and other artists; cultural fashion shows, camaraderie, cook outs and sightseeing as well as sports.


(Determined by Hosting Chapter)

The hosting of the conference rotates between the chapters/states/regions. To host the next conference, a chapter in attendance at the current meeting has to bid and make its case after which voting is done and the winner declared.

Accommodation, Transportation & Meals 

(Discounted Rates Usually Available)

Those planning to attend are responsible for arranging for their accommodation and transportation. To the extent possible, the hosting Chapter helps with providing relevant information and in negotiating for good rates under the collective banner of the conference. The hosting state usually provides the meals which are, largely, Kenyan dishes. No need for anyone to worry, though, these dishes have a universal appeal. A registration fee whose rate is determined by the hosting Chapter is applied on every attendee for the purposes of meeting organizational and service costs. This fee can be paid prior to the conference or upon arrival, the former being preferred and encouraged.


(Annual Hosting is Rotational)


  • Host Chapter Tours 
  • Registrations
  • Entertainment
  • Karibu Night and Nyama Choma


  • Trade & Investment Conference
  • Presentations: Family, Culture, Career
  • Evening Party Start 9:00PM


  • 5k Walk/ Marathon
  • Conference Events Continue
  • Miss Gotabgaa Event


  • Church Service @ 10:00AM
  • Nyama Choma
  • Inter-States Sports

Previous Gotabgaa Conferences

2003 Greensboro,NC

2004 Atlanta,GA

2005 Atlanta,GA

2006 Raleigh,NC

2007 Kansas City,Kansas

2008 Dallas,TX

2009 Desmoines, IA

2010 Washington, DC

2011 Minneapolis-Saint Paul , Minnesota 

2012 Atlanta, GA

2013 Dallas, Texas

2014 Kansas City KS/MO

2015 Washington, DC

2016 Colombus Ohio

2017 Minneapolis, MN

2018 Des Moines, IA

2019 To Be Announced