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Our Leadership Structure


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Organizational & Leadership Structure

Gotabgaa International has several chapters spread out across the world. The organization has chapters across the United States registered and managed by local elected officials in accordance with their own articles of incorporation. Gotabgaa Interational is governed by a board of directors who are elected officials with the organization's oversight being provided by an Oversight Council.

National Officers

2018- 2019 Office Holders

  • President: Eric Kebenei
  • Vice President: Jeannette Boit-Kania
  • Sectretary General: Veronica Cherotich
  • Treasurer: Lillian Maswai
  • National Coordinator : Joe Kipnusu

  • Board Members

    Two officers Seconded from Each Chapter

    The Board of Directors is composed of the five elected national officers and all the Chairpersons' from the chapters. Additionally, each Chapter elects a second representative to the Board.

    Chapters Chairpersons & Chapter Representatives

    KCKC Chapter
    Dr. Janet Sang - Chairperson
    Vincent Sumbaei - Rep

    Iowa Chapter
    Joe Soi- Chairman
    Kennedy Kiplimo - Rep

    North Carolina
    Dan Ngeno - Chairman
    Paul Kirwa - Rep

    Minnesota Chapter
    Jeanette Kania-Boit - Chairperson
    Frank Murgor - Rep

    Ohio Chapter
    Dr. Lewis Chongwony - Chairman
    Chapter Rep - Vacant
    Arizona Chapter
    Chapter Chair- Vacant
    Rael Rotich - Chapter Rep

    Alabama Chapter
    David Kipchumba - Chairman
    Robinson Boswony - Rep

    Dallas Tx Chapter
    Janet Ruto - Chairperson
    Chapter Rep - Wilson Korir

    Washington DC Chapter
    Simon Kelum - Chairman
    Chapter Rep - Vacant

    Wisconsin Chapter
    David Mugun - Chairman
    Dr. Daniel Sambu - Rep

    Oversight Council

    (A 5 Member Council)

    The Oversight Council (O.C) is composed of five members. Two of the members are permanent members (founder members) and the other three members are elected every two years. Their election is conducted on the opposite year that the elections for the national officers are conducted.

    The 5 Council Members are:

    • Prof. John Rugut (Permanent member...founder member)
    • Peter Rono MBA (Permanent member...founder member)
    • Isaac Lagat
    • Dr. Jerono Rotich
    • Dr. Alice Kones